Monday, January 7, 2013

Play nice with the other kids...

Everyone knows that even if you love your work, you'll hate your job if you don't get along with the people at your office. You may have landed your dream job, but if your co-workers seem clueless or your boss acts like a psycho, the job is no longer everything you had hoped for. However, this is a problem of everyday life. There will always be people you get along with, and those who you can't stand. You have to make the best of your situation, so face your foes. People-skills are very important, not only at work but at the annual family reunion, with your drama queen girl pals, or on a date with your sexy UPS delivery man. So if you don't have the perfect relationship with the girl down the hall at work, why not put those interpersonal skills to the test? I like to think that everyone has something in common with everyone else: some interest or hobby, a place you've both visited, or just the fact that you're both human. Try to get to know the people who rub you the wrong way even better than the ones who you do get along with; you actually have to put work into it, and the payoff is worth it. Make chit-chat and try to gauge what he or she likes; be a good listener and sympathize with their thoughts. Genuinely trying to understand a person puts anyone at ease, because they see your good intentions. In the end, even if you don't become besties, you'll be more comfortable, and therefore happier, at work. So don't quit your day job just yet!

P.S. I should qualify this post with the fact that my boss and I are very close and have a good working relationship. I thankfully have not experienced any crazy interactions with colleagues, either. So, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but having a positive attitude is always a good thing, no matter the situation. Just smile and be nice to other people: you can't lose with that combo!

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