Friday, January 18, 2013

Pick your friends up from the airport

Whenever I have guests visiting, I always like to pick them up for the airport. Now, as my previous post stated, I'm not the biggest fan of driving. So it's very convenient when friends fly into Reagan National and I can metro to get them (and then help them navigate the trains back). But, I will go to BWI if a friend is flying in there (given if it's after work hours). It's a nice gesture, and who doesn't like having a friendly face to greet them after a long flight? It's like that scene at the beginning and end of Love Actually: all those people hugging and kissing and reuniting. The next time you have a friend, family member, or significant other flying in to see you, let them see you at the baggage claim with a wide grin (and flowers if the occasion suits).

1 comment:

  1. I agree and would add train stations to that too. There just is nothing better than the smile that greets you at the end of a journey.