Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's Game Time!

I am writing this post from my couch as I watch the Redskins-Seahawks game (I haven't installed my new 40" flat screen yet, though. I need a man friend to help me out with that...). I grew up around sports: my dad plays hockey to this day, he taught me how to play tennis, and he has a man cave where he hosts annual Superbowl parties. So I've always had teams to root for and athletes to admire. However, I did not really become a true football fan until last winter. That's when I started online dating, and I figured I should know something about sports if I wanted to impress these men. So I would watch football every Sunday (the Giants, since I was living in New York at the time) and would take note of the exciting touchdowns and interceptions. And now that the Redskins are actually good, thanks to their rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III (affectionately known as RG3), I can root for the home team in DC! I think men appreciate a woman who knows a bit about sports: you know your home teams, the names of the most famous athletes, and who won the championship last season. So take the time to follow sports. You don't have to know players' stats or the history of how each team came to be. Just watch a game or match every once in a while, or even just read about the highlights in the paper. It's always a good thing to become more well-rounded and cultured, and let's face it, pro sports are a huge part of American culture. So make some nachos, turn on the TV, and study up!

P.S. One way that pro sports teams are trying to attract female fans is through fashion. Check out the Victoria's Secret PINK collection for their NFL and MLB lines. I'm still waiting for them to partner with the NHL: I want some Washington Capitals panties!

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  1. Katie, I love your blog! So inspirational--and already I'm feeling more self-confident.

    I want Capitals panties too! Maybe we should write VS a letter ;)