Thursday, January 24, 2013

On blogging...

I know I'm a beginner at this, so I probably shouldn't be writing a post on how to blog. But I'll tell you my strategy on how I go about creating a "web log."

First of all, my rule is to write every day. Although that isn't necessary, I do think some sort of consistency helps. You could write once a week, or every other day, or whatever, but I do think having a routine keeps you on point and encourages you to continue writing!

Also, choose a topic that either interests you or that you know a lot about. This is why there are so many cooking/recipe blogs: people love food! I mainly write about me and my thoughts: clearly this is a narcissistic endeavor. But the more you like something, the more you'll want to talk about it, and therefore the more active you'll be in blogging.

And add photos! I mean, who doesn't like pictures of cupcakes, dresses, or your favorite celeb? I do not include as many pictures along with my posts as I should, but not only do pictures enhance the look of your blog, but they can even lead to more online hits and traffic (the same goes for Twitter).

Speaking of Twitter: cross-promote your blog on other social media sites! If you have a Facebook, mention your blog there, or tweet every time you write a new blog post. This also will lead to more traffic to your blog and help you gain more followers. I've been blogging for less than a month, and already I have over 900 views of my blog (granted not all of these are individual users, but still!); I credit this to the fact that I advertise my blog on Twitter and Glipho

Look at other blogs for ideas, too! I follow many of my friends' blogs, mainly just to admire their creativity. Other people's thoughts, ideas, and words can inspire you! I hope I have inspired you to start writing yourself!

"The pen is mightier than the sword." -Edward Bulwer-Lytton (some old British guy)

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