Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dating outside of the metro area

Although I grew up in the country and went to college in a rural town, I have lived in both New York City and the DC Metro Area and have gotten quite used to the city life. It actually makes it difficult for me to socialize with those who do not live within the metro limits. I occasionally will make the effort to drive to see someone who lives closer to Baltimore or even on the Eastern Shore if I'm already over there to see my parents, but usually, I just cross those people off my list. I shrug my shoulders and say, "Well, I guess I'm not going to hang out with him/her." I've certainly learned that trying to date someone who doesn't live in DC (like in Baltimore or Fairfax in VA [like the equivalent of Jersey for NYC]) is more work for not that much fun. You end up spending so much on gas (and wasting your time in traffic). Why bother when you can find someone who either lives in your town or is just a couple metro stops away? Dating is supposed to be fun, not a chore. So unless I can walk from the metro to your place...Sorry, buddy, you're out.

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