Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I LOVE pashminas. My professor for my "Introduction to the Old Testament" class my freshman year in college wore them all the time. I thought she was so cool, with these scarves and chunky jewelry and beautiful curly blonde hair: I wanted to be like her! So I immediately bought a couple of these "summer scarves." Now I must have 10 of them: teal, pink, red, orange, three green ones...One for every outfit! I think they are not only a fun accessory that dresses up an outfit: they are also very practical. If I'm not wearing a pashmina, I at least carry one in my bag, just in case: it could get cold, and you want to wrap something around your shoulders; it could start raining, and you can wrap it around your head if you forgot your umbrella. Every girl should own at least one. Then you'll fall in love and have to buy more!

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