Friday, May 17, 2013

Shops in airports

I am WAY behind on my blog posts! Vacations seem to do that. I will try to catch up, and you will be reading lots of posts about traveling in the meantime.

I have spent several hours in airports during the last two weeks. I take in all of the shops and restaurants, and in general, I don't buy anything because everything is overpriced. I usually pack my own food (PB&J and apple slices every time), and I tend to ignore all of the stores. But during this last trip to California, I had an hour layover in Chicago, so I needed to entertain myself. I started walking, and was immediately taken in by these cute little guys:
How could I resist?! Maybe it's a silly girl thing, but a cute stuffed animal will always make me giddy. I had to have them. But I couldn't justify buying something so ridiculous for myself. So I bought the giraffe for my mother, the round caterpillar for my sister, a leopard for my friend in Los Angeles, and a unicorn for me (bet you didn't see that one coming). So if you're going to throw money out the airport-window, buy something for someone else. Then you won't feel so bad!

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