Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Graduation Ceremonies

In my lifetime, I have now attended 7 graduation ceremonies: three were my own, and four for my sister. While each one of them is special, I find them to be an odd celebration. At least for my family, my sister and I were not the first kids to graduate from high school or college, and there was never any doubt that we would receive our diplomas; graduating was inevitable, so why make such a big deal out of it? I suppose some would say it's the pay-off for all your hard work, but really, is sitting for HOURS in a crowd when it's freezing your idea of a celebration? A trip to Europe or a new car would be better (though more expensive, and you can't ask your parents to spend MORE money on you when they've just paid your entire college tuition). It's just that these ceremonies are all the same: they take forever, someone gives a speech about going after your dreams and not being afraid to fail, someone sings a song and says a prayer, and then everyone tries to escape all at the same time at the very end. Thank goodness my parents only had two children. I'm hoping I won't have to sit through one of these again!

Well, at least not until my sister has kids. Then I'll be the "cool aunt" and I'll have to come...

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