Friday, May 31, 2013

"I wish you all the best"

If I hear this one more time from a guy who doesn't want to see me anymore, I'm going to punch him in the face.

Really, you wish me all the best? Let's be real here. You clearly don't like me anymore. You never want to see me again. And yet you're telling me you hope everything goes great for me and that my life will be awesome without you? Give me a break. I certainly don't wish you the best. Now I'm not saying I hope you die or rot in Hell for eternity. But if you twisted your ankle, or your current girl friend cheated on you, I wouldn't feel sorry for you. So let's cut the BS and be honest. Why don't you just say,

"Look, I know we've been going out for a while, but I'm a quitter and I'm done. And there's this other chick who's sluttier than you, so I know I can get some from her. So....yeah. Buh-bye."

I'm going to think you're an a**hole either way, but at least the latter statement is the truth.

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