Friday, May 17, 2013

Physical Therapy

Now, I know that some people swear by physical therapy and really think it has helped with their injuries. But I am not one of those of those people. I think of physical therapists as the witch doctors of the 21st century. They make you do funny movements with your body, stretch things out, and attach you to a electric thing that zaps your muscles every couple of seconds. Sometimes they'll even put this cold goo on you and rub it with a magic wand (oh, I'm sorry, "ultrasound."). I can tell you right now that this "therapy" only made my condition worse, to the point that I wish I had never agreed to do it in the first place. Not only did I waste my time, it was a HUGE waste of money, too! For every session (which they insisted I come in 2-3 times every week for a month), they billed it for $110. And for every time they use the electric zapper thing (which was every visit; they never explained that there was a separate charge for that, otherwise I would not have done it), they charged $50 extra. In the end, I was charged over $1,500 (including cortisone shots in both of my knees, which, let me tell you, have also done no good). Thank goodness I have health insurance so I don't have to pay the entire fee, but I'm still out a couple hundred bucks for absolutely nothing. What a waste!

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