Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Treating dry skin

This might be TMI, but after my lovely sunbathing trip in Los Angeles, my skin is now peeling. Ew.

If you face this problem this summer, here are some tips:

1. Exfoliate. The skin is dead, and there's no sense in trying to fix the problem now. It's too late! So try to remove the skin as much as possible. I recommend taking a shower with a puff or loofa (see photo of regular shower puff and one with a handle to wash your back); the rough surface will help to break up and remove the dead skin cells. Do this every day until you think all of the peeling skin is gone. Keep in mind that exfoliating is a healthy thing to do anyway, so I use these every time I shower.

2. Lotion up. Put lotion on the area every day (if not multiple times a day) to nourish the new, delicate skin. Lotion can also mask the dryness of peeling skin, but again, it's better to get rid of what your body doesn't need anymore!

And of course try to prevent this when you can! Wear sunscreen (extra! lots! tons!), and moisturize daily no matter what time of year or how much sun you're getting.

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