Friday, May 17, 2013

Hotel rooms

I am staying in a hotel this weekend for my sister's graduation from Boston University. I usually stay with friends or family while traveling, but if my parents are willing to pay for a room, I will gladly sleep in the second bed. BUT, I do have complaints (as usual):

1. Hotel rooms are always too cold! I'll admit that I'm pretty much always cold, but these rooms are freezing! There's no excuse for the AC to be that high. You'd think  hotels would try to save money, so why would they waste it on making freezers out of the bedrooms?

2. Every room should have a mini-fridge. When I travel, I rarely eat breakfast out. I like to have something right when I wake up. So it would be nice to be able to buy and stow away small bottles of milk and orange juice, maybe a catch my drift. But instead, I have to fill up the bucket of ice and stick my quart of milk in there overnight. Yum.

3. Hotel shampoos and soaps suck. I have never had anything dry out my hair or skin as quickly as that (not even the sunburn I'm dealing with now). I feel ickier coming out of the shower than I did going in! The travel-size shampoos and body wash are pricey for what they are, but they are SO worth it.

That's all for now. I'm sure I could think of other things, but I've got more posts to catch up on, so I'll stop my rant right here.

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