Friday, May 24, 2013


So we've been having some pretty funky weather in the DC/MD/VA region this spring. First of all, spring arrived SUPER late. Usually by April it's sunny and warm, but this year there was a lot of rain (even snow!). And then there have been days when it felt like we completely skipped spring and went straight to summer (high humidity, 80+ degree days, etc.). And lately we've been having a lot of thunderstorms! Now, I think lightening is really cool, so I enjoy storms...just as long as I'm not outside in one. A lot of times the storms happen late at night, and the next morning you can tell it rained, but it's back to sunshine. Those are my FAVORITE. I know the plants need the rain and all that jazz, so it's nice when it rains at night (when I'm in bed and don't care), but then the next day I can enjoy good weather.

Of course I think all of this weird weather is due to climate change, but we're not going to go into that...

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