Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another quote to ponder...

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
- Abraham Lincoln
I found this quote on the page of a fellow blogger on Glipho.com named Amelia*. I liked it so much that I decided I'd use it for one of my own posts. 

I think Lincoln's words are all too true. In my experience (of 24 years...I know that's not so long), I have found that most people fall into two main personality types: they are either mostly positive and optimistic, or they are Negative Nancies. Those in the former group (which includes me) are generally happy people, and make the conscious effort to be happy. They look on the bright side of things (usually...), they play the hand they're dealt, and they smile a lot. Those in the second group tend to complain frequently, always see the glass as half-empty, and are forever comparing themselves to others (either out of jealousy or just to put the other person down to make themselves feel better). But I don't think people have to stay in one group.

I definitely think it's possible for Debbie Downers to become happy people if they would simply set their minds to it. It's all about mind-set. For example, I went to school with many women who would complain about how the Dartmouth Greek system was male-dominated and how girls weren't safe at night; mainly they would just gripe about anything concerning the double standards between men and women. Now I'm not denying that those double standards exist: they do. But rather than bitch about it, I deal with it. Sure, frats are mainly places for young men to play beer pong and get drunk. But I never walked into one thinking I was going into someone's territory. I'm a confident, beautiful, young woman, and I'm going to be one no matter where I am; I'm not going to let some inebriated boy who tries to drunkenly dance with me ruin my night. And sure, women can't walk around alone late at night like a man can; is it really so difficult to go out with a friend (and wouldn't it be more fun to be together than alone anyway)? If people would stop complaining and instead think, "Hmm, this situation isn't ideal, but how can I make the best of it?" they would be a lot happier.

So stop with the nagging, gossiping, and bitchiness in general. Say your prayers, thank God for every day that He gives you, and greet each day with a smile on your face. You CAN choose to be happy, so why would you make any other choice?

P.S. I'll admit that I'm a work-in-progress in this area. Yes, in general I think of myself as a happy, fun-loving girl who gets along with plenty of people. But I'll admit that I do complain sometimes, but mainly about those negative people and their bad attitudes, not my own lot in life.

*You can find Amelia's blog here: http://orangeowlmedia.co.uk/

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