Friday, August 9, 2013

Dressing up for happy hour

Now, I don't usually go to happy hours after work (my office is not downtown, so it's not really conducive to getting drinks with co-workers after 5). But last night I went to a charity happy hour with a Meet-Up group in DC since it was for a good cause, and I'm friends with the organizer. Since I already knew I'd only be there for about an hour, I didn't go all out on my outfit: I wore a cute dress, put some make-up on, and voila.

But other girls were dressed to the nines! Many were in rather fancy cocktail dresses with big jewelry, and had on so much make-up (bright red lipstick included) it made me wonder what their natural faces looked like. I mean, do they not understand that happy hour is simply meant to be a time to relax after work? You're not supposed to go home, get all dolled up (as if you were going out on a date), and show up at a bar at 6pm just to stand around with a bunch of strangers. And don't even get me started on the fact that they waddled in their heels (clearly they don't actually wear them to the office...).

Happy hour is supposed to be relaxed and chill. Don't show up looking like a snob expecting to meet the man of your life when everyone there is just going for the $4 beers.

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