Friday, August 23, 2013

Jo Dee Messina song #1

Since I'm going on vacation (to the Cape, no less), blogging will not be happening. I will be too busy sunbathing, eating hand-scooped ice cream, and riding a bike around Martha's Vineyard (don't worry: I'll tell you all about it when I get back).

So to keep you occupied, you're going to have to read a couple of posts in a row about Jo Dee Messina songs. I was listening to her Greatest Hits album while driving to the airport, and I realized how many of her songs spoke to me. So here's the first one: Stand Beside Me.

This song is about having a man who treats you like his equal. The chorus just about sums it up:

I want a man that stands beside me
Not in front of or behind me
Give me two arms that want to hold me not own me
And I'll give all the love in my heart
Stand beside me
Be true don't tell lies to me
I'm not lookin' for a fantasy
I want a man that who stands beside me

She doesn't want a man to overshadow her and keep her "seen but not heard." But she always doesn't want a meek, cowardly man who stays in the background. She needs someone who loves her and is affectionate, not controlling and manipulative. The lyrics even mention she's not "lookin' for a fantasy." I like the honesty of that line. While most girls my age have been brainwashed by Disney Princess movies, I have come to realize that relationships take work, there will be times that are annoying or just plain hard, and he's not going to fit your 100 category list. This song is saying just look for the basics: a good man who is honest and treats you with respect. It doesn't matter if he doesn't look like Prince Charming or if he's not a millionaire. This is reality, and you have to realize what's important in this life, not the story you have created in your head.

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