Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Movie Review: Silver Linings Playbook

I know Silver Linings Playbook came out a while ago, but I only just got around to seeing it this past weekend (thanks for the free DVD rental, Redbox!). I was hesitant because I knew that the two main characters were dysfunctional, and in general I don't like movies with protagonists like that. But the movie won several awards, and Bradley Cooper is super cute and Jennifer Lawrence is my girl-crush, so I was at least a little curious.

The dysfunction part definitely got to me. Not only is Cooper's character just out of a mental hospital, but you learn his father (played by Robert De Niro) has OCD and anger issues as well. So the scenes where the family members are fighting, both verbally and physically, were disturbing to watch. It's hard to imagine growing up in a family like that when I have been so blessed!

But I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of humor in the movie. The film was advertised as a romantic comedy, but because of the serious issues the movie touches upon, I really didn't think it would be very funny. But there were several moments when I laughed out loud! This was usually when Cooper's character would blurt out inappropriate things because he had no filter.

So, I recommend this movie. I probably won't buy the DVD, but if a friend wanted to watch it, I'd see it again.

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