Monday, August 12, 2013

Arlington County Fair

Yesterday, some friends and I went to the Arlington County Fair. Although I live in Maryland, it was very easy to get to the fairgrounds; I took the red line on the metro to Ballston, where there was a shuttle waiting to go directly to the fair. How convenient!

This first thing we did was watch the piglet races. Piglets are so cute, so I wanted to see them in action! The first few laps they did were quite fun, and the pigs seemed to be enjoying themselves. But then the race organizers made the pigs jump in a pool of cold water, and you could tell the piglets did NOT want to go in there. They were very hesitant and stood just at the edge of the pool; they only jumped in when their "owner" scared them into the water. It was cruel to watch these 12-week old pigs being made to swim in frigid water. Would you watch the same thing happen to a human baby? I think not. I already made a complaint to the fair and to PETA, so hopefully next year they will get rid of the pool or the piglet races entirely.

But I did not let that ruin my day! Next we hit the Ferris wheel, the only ride I was really interested in (I'm not a big rides person to begin with, but the rest were definitely targeted for little kids, so this was really the only option). It was fun seeing the whole fair from above, and I hadn't been on a Ferris wheel in years, so it definitely brought back childhood memories!

After that we watched some guys from the Harlem Wizards (similar to the Harlem Globetrotters) play cute games with the little kids. At one point two children had to put on adult-sized basketball clothes and then dribble down the court to make a basket: it was SO funny! My friends and I played one of the games, but we were soon eliminated (all the "grown ups" were out first!). We then headed to the indoor gymnasium.

Inside there were vendors selling their wares, local groups talking about their causes, and booths to check out the photography contest's entries and winners. I bought myself a little unicorn figurine as a souvenir (surprise!). There were a lot of cool things to check out, from jewelry to wood workings to clothes, etc.!

After a lunch of chicken tenders and french fries ($10! What a rip-off!), I watched my friends do a little outdoor Zumba on the soccer field. I didn't dance along because 1. My idea of a work-out is boot-camp, not doing the Cha-Cha and 2. I was hot just sitting outside, let alone jumping around. So I watched from the comforts of the misting tent while my friends sweated it out.

We didn't play any games since the prizes weren't that enticing (besides another stuffed unicorn, which I didn't need and cost as much as my lunch), but I was pleased to see that most of the games were "winner every time" types, which is great for kids (and me!).

Besides the piglets, I think my only other issue was the lack of variety in the food trucks. There were SO many serving Asian food, but I'm allergic to MSG, so I couldn't eat any of that. I would have liked to see more pulled-pork sandwiches or something like that.

Otherwise, I had a great time, and I can't wait to go next year!

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