Friday, August 30, 2013

Perspectives: How you spend your money

Everyone has the right to spend their hard-earned money the way they want to. I just find it interesting that everyone has his or her own idea about the best way to go about it. I usually spend money on necessities like rent, food, and electricity. And then there are the semi-regular purchases like gas and Brazilian waxes (the more regularly you get them, the less it hurts). And I occasionally splurge on Groupons/Living Social deals and clothes. And other people buy things that I have absolutely no interest in. Some people dye their hair or get manicures; others blow money on organic cereal ($6! I refuse to pay more than $2.50 on a box of cereal) and stuff for their cars. I think the main problem I have with purchases like this are that they do not fit within people's budgets. I have friends who have money problems, and yet they continue to pamper themselves with expensive beauty regimes and eat organic rhubarb for no good reason. People should live within their means. And if they don't, they shouldn't complain about the fact that they don't have much money.

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