Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tax Free Week

In case you didn't know, this week is tax free week. Well, this past week, so tomorrow is your last day to take advantage of it! Every summer, at least in Maryland (not sure about other states), there is a week where you can go shopping for clothes and school supplies and there is no sales tax! I guess if you live in Delaware, New Hampshire, Montana, Oregon, or Alaska then this isn't exciting because there's no sales tax there anyway. But I took advantage of it down here today. I went to Current Boutique in Bethesda for my tax-free shopping (plus a store-wide sale: 20% off!), and bought these three dresses. The blue one (which reminded me of Kate Middleton's engagement dress, just sleeveless) ended up being less than $20, and the one with the black Grecian top and khaki skirt was only $12! The one on the far left was definitely the most expensive, but I had seen it in the store for some time, and I always admired it; anything that accentuates my hour-glass figure gets an A+ from me!

These were my tax-free goodies. What were yours?

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