Thursday, March 28, 2013


I realize this isn't a food blog, and that if I want to write a review I should just go to But this blog is all about what's on my mind, and since I just ate there, that's what I'm thinking about. The first time I heard about Boloco was in college; there was one in our tiny little town, and I'd go every once in a while. So I was excited (as well as a little nostalgic) when the restaurant came to Bethesda. The first time I went to this new location I had a coupon in the mail for a free burrito (who doesn't love free food?), so I had one of their Asian-inspired burritos, which was quite good. Today, I went there to meet a friend for a night-time snack (neither of us was very hungry, but we wanted to hang out for a bit). I was greeted by a sign right at the register that read "Cake Shake." My curiosity was instantly piqued. Cake is amazing, shakes are delicious, and here I had both in front of me all at once. Umm...Yes, please! The cashier suggested I throw in strawberries (for free), so I thought, "What the hell" and went with that, too. They made my shake, and I see that there are cubes of cake on the bottom, the shake is on top, and then sprinkles garnished the entire thing. O.M.G. I was excited. I clearly had to take a spoon (there was no way those cubes were going to make it up my straw), and I dug in. It was as yummy as it looked! To enjoy a "Cake Shake" even on a chilly evening is pretty awesome. I definitely recommend trying this tasty creation!

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