Sunday, March 24, 2013

More on Manners

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. The way that manners and politeness are underrated by my peers is obscene. 

So, last night I had the incident with the guy using his cell phone during our date. Today, I had plans to meet a friend for brunch: we had agreed that I would come over to her place around 12:30 to enjoy pancakes, eggs, and bacon. I show up at a friend's place (on time of course), and she's not there. Her roommate answers the door, and clearly she has just woken up after having a long night on the town. I come in, and the apartment is a mess. The dining room table (where I assumed we would be eating) is covered with tons of random stuff, the kitchen (where I assumed we would be cooking) is filthy, and I could smell that the kitty litter boxes needed to be emptied. After about an hour of sitting around waiting for my friend (in the meantime her roommate has emptied the kitty litter boxes, but has proceeded to leave the garbage bag in the apartment so that the smell still wafts through the entire place), my friend finally shows up looking like the worst morning after ever (her hair was a complete mess and she was wearing a green T-shirt and red leggings like a Christmas elf). Then she tells me that we don't even have the makings for our brunch and we need to go to the grocery store. So we go, pick up what we need, and then get to the register. I say we split the cost in half, but she doesn't even have enough cash to cover that, so I (the guest, mind you) have to pay for most of the food. THEN we go back to the apartment so that we can enjoy our meal. At this point there are two men at the apartment now (the brother and boyfriend of my friend's roommate) watching TV and vegging on the couch. NOW is the time when we have to actually make the food. My friend takes out her pans from the cabinet, and they are DISGUSTING. I wiped them down with a paper towel and brown grease came off (who puts dirty dishes back in the cabinet?!). Ew. Then my friend and I proceed to slave away in the kitchen while the other three just sit on their asses waiting like pigs at a trough. FINALLY the food is done and we sit everything out on the table. The others scarf it down and claim that they'll clean up as fair share for the food (I didn't stick around long enough to see if this happened or not). While the food was good, and it was fun catching up with my friend, all in all, I think this visit in general was a failure.

1. When you make plans with a friend, BE ON TIME. Or at the very least give a head's up if you're going to be late. If you are having someone come to your home, you should be there. Don't invite someone over for the next day if you already know you're going to be spending the night at your boyfriend's place (which is an hour away from your own apartment).

2. Be prepared to have guests come over. CLEAN YOUR HOUSE! I can't believe the way today's youth disrespect their homes. Vacuuming and dusting once a week is not an option: it's what you SHOULD do. If your body is a temple, so is your home, and you should treat it as such.

3. If you're planning to make a meal, the food really should already be prepared (or at least in the oven). You don't invite someone over knowing you're going to make him/her do half the work in the kitchen.

4. If you are inviting someone over to do some sort of activity (bake, do arts and crafts, etc.) you should not expect your guest to pay for any of the "supplies" and such! If your guest brings things along to use that day, or offers to pay, then that's fine. But don't put the pressure on your guest to pay for something that YOU invited him/her to do. That's just like inviting someone over to dinner (that you actually cooked and prepared ahead of time) but then charging your friend for eating it.

P.S. I forgot to mention that the cat threw up a furball while I was there. Even their CAT couldn't get his shit together.

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