Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Games on your smartphone

I am torn as to whether having games on our smartphones is a good thing or bad thing. So I'm going to lay out some arguments, and you can decide.


I really like having games on my phone. I play a version of Bejeweled, Scramble (like Boggle), and my sister talked me into playing DrawSomething with her. All of these are quite entertaining, and certainly come in handy when I'm waiting for the metro or sitting around at the doctor's office. And you like to think you'll learn something, like logic tricks or a new word. Besides, anybody who's anybody plays Word with Friends...You want to be keep up with the times, right? And when a smartphone is pretty much just a tiny computer you can hold in your hand, it seems like a waste not to put games on it: it's smart enough for them, so why not?


The main argument (for me at least) against loading and playing games on your smartphone is that they eat up the battery life LIKE CRAZY. I feel like I need to charge my phone every night if I play a couple of rounds, and I know this will only get worse as my phone gets older. Games are also very distracting, whether you try to sneak in a move or two while you're stopped at a red light (so dangerous!) or you're in the middle of a boring conversation (by the way, no matter how boring a conversation is, you should NOT pull out your cell phone. This is the rudest behavior of my generation. But etiquette will be the topic of another post...). Plus, while you're spending time playing games on your phone, you could actually be finishing that project for work or reading a good book; there are better things to do.

So I'm not sure which side of the fence I'm on. I probably won't stop playing games, but I will try to limit myself so as not to become addicted...And I'll choose when and where I play wisely!

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