Friday, March 8, 2013

Credit Card Bills

One big part of being a grown up is paying for your own stuff. And of course no one carries around cash these days, which means the majority of the time you use a credit card. Now I could go on and on about what types of cards there are, different sorts of rewards you can get, etc. But the purpose of this post is to mention the most important thing about credit cards: PAY YOUR BILL IN FULL AND ON TIME! There is no point in paying interest fees: that's like throwing away money! And not only is it a waste of money, but if you keep putting off paying the bill, eventually you will get into serious credit card debt which can lead to bigger troubles down the road (ex. not getting a loan to buy a house, etc.). So don't get into the bad habit of just paying off some of your bill here and there. Pay the whole thing, pay it on time, and you will have no worries. If you know you can't manage to do this, invest in a debit card that does not allow you to overdraft; whatever is in your checking account is the only money you have, so you can't spend more than what you've got. Do whatever you have to do to be responsible with your money!

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