Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fun Runs and Races

This post is meant for yesterday...

I was working at the Four Courts Four Miler yesterday, and although I've never participated in an organized race before, it seems like a lot of fun! Everyone was dressed up in green in honor of an early St. Patrick's Day celebration, and everyone I talked to afterwards was so friendly and really seemed to be enjoying the camaraderie. These races seem like a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your friends, and then meet some other active, mostly young people in your area. But if I'm going to suggest to you, my readers, to sign up for a race like this one, I should take my own advice and try it, too. I will say it seems strange to pay to go running; I can easily do it for free just by walking out my front door. But I guess it's for the whole experience, plus you get things like t-shirts or cozies or something like that. And I suppose if you join a running group from or something, there's no fee, and you can still meet some cool people. So enjoy the beginning of spring, get some exercise, and socialize!

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