Monday, March 18, 2013

Where does your water come from?

No, it's not "the tap." I don't think many people contemplate what their natural source of water is. They just expect the water to come out of the sink or shower when they need it. But that water has to come from somewhere. Tonight, at another DC Environmental Film Festival event, I watched a film on the Potomac River, which is DC's water source. The movie focused on how important it is to keep the Potomac River clean, since in the end it's the water we drink. This of course goes for many major waterways around the country. So when you think about dumping your expired pills and antibiotics down the toilet, DON'T! All of those chemicals just go back into the water, and into your body. And don't litter, either. That's just rude.

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  1. The drugs should be taken to a pharmacy; they will dispose of properly.