Friday, March 22, 2013

Housewarming Parties

I love housewarming parties! I'm going to go to one tonight, so that inspired this post! I think they are so classy and I think Emily Post would say every woman should host one whenever she moves. These types of gatherings are very underrated by my generation, but I adore them. It's such a nice way to help your friend settle into her new place. And of course you have to bring a gift! A bottle of wine is always a safe bet (especially when you know that ALL of your friends love Muscato and your wine is going to be the favorite out of the bunch); a gift for the home, like a candle or a piece of decoration, is lovely, too. As for the party itself, you hope there will be food, but this depends on the hostess (i.e. is she a good one or not?). If not, excuse yourself once you are completely famished. But always make an appearance! A short stay is better than none at all. Even if she is the worst hostess, you must be the best guest.

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