Saturday, March 16, 2013

High Heels

I love high heels. I started wearing them very early in life, so that has helped me adjust to them. I went to a private middle school where we had a dress code: not as strict as a uniform, but we still couldn't wear tank tops, jeans, or sneakers. I mostly wore slacks and black skirts. My mother was shopping for me at the time, so I definitely have gained her sense of classic style. And since I've always been interested in fashion, and now appreciate clothing that a woman 25 years older than me would like, I was pretty much dressing up like a child businesswoman, and that included wearing high heels (actually, I never even bought a pair of flats until I was in college. It was either heels, boots, flip flops, or athletic shoes).

So seeing as I've been wearing heels for the last, say, 14 years, I've gotten used to them. I have friends who still can't walk in heels, or complain that they hurt their feet, or have the femi-nazi stance that heels were invented by men to restrict women in yet another way (just an excuse so they can wear ugly Birkenstocks all the time, let's be honest). I, on the other hand, enjoy walking in heels: they give me great posture, make me feel ultra-feminine, and make my legs look incredible (Ladies, no other shoe will do your legs justice than a pair of stilettos). But PLEASE make sure you can walk in heels before you go out in public: nothing is more painful than watching a girl wobble on heels as if she were on stilts, grasping onto her friend's arm as if she's going to fall at any moment. So sad...

But, seeing as I wear heels all the time, I tend to pound them into the pavement and eventually they wear out. Luckily, black patent leather heels will always be in style and therefore can be easily replaced. Which is what I did today. Yesterday, I took off my shoes and noticed that one of the heels had a CRACK in it. Thank goodness I noticed this before the heel actually snapped off and left me with a broken ankle! These pictures show the tragedy. Luckily I was able to go to DSW and get another pair (though without a pointy toe, but that's okay). So no harm done, but still: I've never had a heel crack on me in all these years of wearing them!

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