Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I was sitting around at home all night yesterday, and I still forgot to write a blog post! This New Year's Resolution is tough to keep up with! So here we go...

Out of all of my chores, doing laundry is my favorite one, probably because it has to do with clothes. It's like I get a new wardrobe every time I wash clothes (when you have a jam-packed closet like mine, you can easily go months without wearing things twice, so things may sit in the laundry basket for a while...). I also have a very particular way of taking care of the laundry. For one, I separate by color. Yes, you're probably thinking everyone does that, but 1. some people definitely just throw everything together or 2. they have "dark" and "light" loads. No: I have red/pink loads, white loads, regular loads (which pretty much just consists of sheets, towels, socks, and jeans), black loads, and blue/green loads. All of these are washed on the delicate cycle except for the jeans and such, and then those clothes are only fluffed for 20 minutes before being transferred to a rack to finish drying. Treating your clothes in this gentle manner will make them last longer because you're taking such good care of them!

And of course some items need to be hand-washed. For instance, I wash pantyhose in the sink, and lay them out on the rack as well when I'm finished. I also wash my unmentionables by hand: they just don't seem to get clean enough for the washing machine! So I have to care for them specially. Just be thankful that only a few items need to be washed this way: imagine what it was like before washing machines even existed!

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