Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Days

Today I got a snow day from work (who knew you could still get those after leaving the public school system?). Of course I slept in and I'm writing this from my bed because a. I have a cold and need to rest and b. it's gray outside and bad weather makes me want to sleep all day. However, I do resist the temptation to be completely lazy and just lay here. I like to be productive with my time, and if I'm not working, I have to do something else. Today I baked a new cookie recipe (though I substituted regular chocolate chips for white chocolate chips and used regular sugar instead of brown sugar...So I pretty much just made up my own recipe), did a load of laundry (a red delicate load, which I only seem to do once every couple of months because I wear much more black than red), wrote a letter to the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine (which actually featured a happy, nice story about the College for once), and later I will cook lunch/dinner (it's already after noon right now, but cookie dough seems to have replaced my lunch...). Whenever I have a really busy week, I'm always wondering how I'm going to fit the little things in. So when you have a snow day, take that time to run your errands, clean the house, and clear your mind! Use your free time wisely!

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